Pet Shop Boys – Dreamland (feat. Years & Years) Review

I probably haven’t listened to any other band more than the Pet Shop Boys. Their music has it all – thought-provoking lyrics, detailed arrangements, cool synth sounds and beautiful melodies. Most of their discography is pure gold, with only a few exceptions. The Agenda EP, released earlier this year, sounded quite liberated and playful. I … Read more

Green Day – Father of all… Review

This is a review of the single. I’ve also written a review of the whole album. I’m a huge Green Day fan since Dookie. Listened to every album, loved especially Dookie, Nimrod and American Idiot. They’ve written some great songs (such as Ashley or Troubled Times) since their biggest hit albums, but their albums haven’t … Read more

PLGRMS – Daylight Review

I stumbled upon the music of PLGRM via Warner Music Germany’s Facebook page. The snipped they posted was catchy enough for me to seek the song on Spotify. Daylight‘s video is directed by Peter Majarich, and I think it suits the song perfectly. The best videos make the song sound even better, and this is … Read more

Rammstein – Radio review

I’ve listened to Rammstein since Mutter, but at some point I kind of got bored of their music, since it didn’t seem to evolve much. And while these new songs (Deutschland and Radio) have got a very good grip and they’re from the better end of the Rammstein spectrum, they’re still rewriting that same song … Read more

Ava Max – So Am I (Review)

I appreciate melodies that move a lot. This song is full of such melodies. There are nice hooks everywhere, and Ava Max’s vocal performance is spectacular. I actually heard the Majestic Remix of this song first, and while I first thought it was rather boring, because there wasn’t too much movement in the remix, but … Read more

Ellie Goulding – Sixteen Review

In 2014, Unzyme’s producer Lasse Turunen recommended Ellie Goulding‘s Figure 8 to me. I had, of course, heard the massive hit Burn from the same album. Burn is a fantastic track with a great arrangement and superb production, and it’s hard to beat. Figure 8, is among Ellie’s best work in my book. The verse … Read more

Infected Mushroom – Electro Panic (One Function remix) Review

The original version of Electro Panic was released in 2004 on Digital Collusions and Analogue Intrusions compilation. It’s a collaboration between Yahel and Infected Mushroom. It’s a rather minimal trance piece with a heavy emphasis on acid bass synths and distorted, rhythmic synth riffs. The riffs and the energy of the track are the best … Read more

Daya – Insomnia Review

Insomnia starts with a very cool sound effect hook, which immediately drew my attention to the song. The sound effect is actually quite similar to what we’ve used at the beginning of The Completionist. The effect is definitely from BT’s Stutter Edit (an iZotope sound effect plugin). We should use that more! Anyway… The chorus … Read more

Emancipator & 9 Theory – Cheeba Gold review

Back in 2010 I used to listen to Emancipator’s Safe in the Steep Cliffs album quite a bit, and have been checking out Emancipator’s releases ever since. Emancipator’s instrumental hip hop music has a very special tone – it’s a nice mix of natural, manufactured and altered sounds. The main tone is still very much … Read more