Dog Blood, Skrillex & Boyz Noize – Turn Off The Lights Review

The point of dubstep is to distort and have every sound source so loud that it will start clipping. “Turn Off The Lights” is a very danceable track, and it will surely keep the dance floor on fire. I’m not normally into this kind of music, as it’s mainly sample art and so-called producer music, but this track sure sounds relentless and energetic as fuck. Very cool stuff, even though I wouldn’t write anything like this. So yeah, I enjoyed the track more than I expected to. It succeeds spectacularly well in what it is trying to do – force you to bang your head. Traces of The Prodigy can be heard on the track. Keyboard riffs, rhythmical vocal chops everywhere, big jungle beats. Yeah, what’s not to enjoy. Well, if you’re looking for a song to play on your guitar, in the warm light of a campfire, you better look elsewhere.

Turn off the lights, ooh yeeaah.

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