Bomb Track: The Rasmus – Wonderman

I’ve been a fan of The Rasmus since their 2001 album Into, and have liked pretty much everything they’ve done. It’s been interesting to see them change their sound from a pop-funk band to a much darker tone, while maintaining the very melodic nature of their songs. Playboys is still one of my favorite albums, … Read more

Bomb track: Kate Boy – Self Control

I found this awesome band, Kate Boy, by accident. I was looking for Laura Branigan’s classic hit Self Control on Spotify, and saw this song on the list as well. At first I thought it was a cover version of Branigan’s 80’s hit, but no! It was something much cooler than a cover song. It immediately caught my attention. Could this be my new favorite band? Quite possibly.

I gotta respect the unescapable rhythm and deeply infectious melody of Self Control. And it’s no exception in Kate Boy’s discography. Pretty much all of their songs are melodic and are dressed in very cool rhythmic synths. Energetic power-pop with lyrics that are more interesting than your average radio pop songs.

I highly recommend checking out Kate Boy’s debut album One. Very cool stuff, and might just inspire some new Unzyme songs as well.

Ps. It’s no miracle that they’re based in Sweden.

Bomb track: Man Without Country – Laws of Motion feat. White Sea

I was listening to XPLAIN’s wonderful music, and found Man Without Country through her Facebook page. I had heard many of MWC’s remixes before (Miike Snow and Moby to name a few), but hadn’t realized that Man Without Country is much more than just a remix team. They’re great songwriters too. Today I listened to Man Without Country’s song called “Laws of Motion” and I was blown away. What a melody, and timeless sense of beauty. I strongly recommend getting to know this band. There’s a certain 80’s appreciation in their sound selection, but mostly they sound very contemporary. Seems like I’ll be spending the next few days listening to Man Without Country.

Bomb track: Bon Jovi – Who Would You Die For

This new Bon Jovi song is one of my favorites on “Burning Bridges”, which is not your typical Bon Jovi album. There are several gems on this album, though it’s not a coherent masterpiece such as “These Days”. Other great picks from the album are “Blind Love”, “A Teardrop To The Sea” and “We Don’t Run”. Though not my favorite, I quite enjoy “Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning” as well. It’s the only song on this album that is co-written by Richie Sambora. His influence can be heard clearly, especially in the chorus. The track would fit nicely on “Have A Nice Day”. Almost every track on “Burning Bridges” includes some sort of “Ooooh” vocals, which gets kind of old after a few spins. This is a refreshing album, and has great moments, but it’s far from Bon Jovi’s best work.