Remix work

Remixing is a good way to free oneself from self-set restraints. Working with remixes has given us a chance to play with different music styles, and we’ve learned a lot by working on other people’s songs. So far we’ve done remixes for bands that sound considerably heavier than us, and but that’s not the only style we want to experiment on. If you’d like us to remix your songs, please get in touch. We’re always open for suggestions, and looking for collaboration opportunities.

Hocico – Heart Attack (Unzyme’s Hyperventilation Shaft Remix)

This remix was released as a bonus track of Hocico’s 10th album, Ofensor. We had one week to come up with a ready remix. If you want to compare the two, check out Hocico’s original version on Spotify.

Rabia Sorda – Die in Berlin (Unzyme’s Methanol Cocktail Mix)

Die on Berlin represents a Prodigy-influenced Unzyme sound. We had lots of fun creating this mix. To get an idea of what we did, check out Rabia Sorda’s original version on Spotify.