Ava Max – So Am I (Review)

I appreciate melodies that move a lot. This song is full of such melodies. There are nice hooks everywhere, and Ava Max’s vocal performance is spectacular. I actually heard the Majestic Remix of this song first, and while I first thought it was rather boring, because there wasn’t too much movement in the remix, but now I think it is better than the original version. The remix has a more interesting selection of sounds. And somehow the spirit of the song is conveyed better in the remix.

The core of any song is the composition itself, and I think So Am I is a nice composition. The melody is interesting, as it explores the scale pretty thoroughly. I prefer this kind of lively melodies, since quite many of the top pop songs rely on just a few notes, and are more about the rhythm (which is also usually repetitive and boring). They say that repetition is the key to a song being successful, and while it may be partially true, I don’t think that an endlessly repetitive song will pass the test of time. I’m always trying to write music that would last repeated listens. A good pop song should charm you on the first listen, but give you more each time you hear it.

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Ava Max sings “you don’t need to fit into the format”, but the video follows the standard female pop artist dance choreography format. It’s not bad, and I do like the color grading, but I think that the song is more effective on its own.

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