Forensics released today

A few years ago, Joona set out to write an album that would study life choices, and how they may be hard to rationalize. ‘Forensics’ is a compilation of stories about digging into your own past, trying to understand what really happened and why. Sometimes there are clues that were left unnoticed at the time. … Read more

Unzyme to open for Aikakone, Movetron, Waldo’s People and Mascara at Kuhmoinen Calling – We Are One festival

We’re happy to announce the Unzyme opening show for Aikakone, Movetron, Waldo’s People and Mascara at Kuhmoinen Calling: We Are One Festival and the outrageously spectacular dance music celebration tour that is Erittäin hyvä ellei täydellinen on July 27th, 2024 in the fabulous Sahanranta venue in Kuhmoinen, Finland. In the meantime, new music is being … Read more

“Louder than the voice of reason” music video released

Louder than the voice of reason, one of the songs from Unzyme’s fifth album is accompanied by a documentary film about the future of the prison system. Created in collaboration with Tuohimedia, the music video was shot deep underground, as we often tend to do. Would you rather be bored to death or lose yourself … Read more

“Consumed” music video released

Unzyme’s long-time video collaborator Sebastian Trzaska raises the bar with his sixth music video for Unzyme. It’s no secret that we both enjoy spending time in the derelict industrial facilities of Gotham City at night, but the Old Mine Museum in Outokumpu is a great alternative whenever plane tickets to Gotham are too expensive. “Consumed” … Read more

Unzyme to headline Jyväskylä Pride

We’re looking forward to performing at the fantastic Jyväskylä Pride party on September 9th! Showtime will be around midnight at Freetime. As usual, the Unzyme show will be electric, ecstatic, anthemic and deeply emotional. We’ll play lots of new songs and many familiar classics from Unzyme’s biomechanical pop catalogue. We hope to see your smiling … Read more

Foreign agendas now available on YouTube and other music streaming services

“Foreign agendas” is a B-side from the Forensics sessions. I made a lyric video for the song, which shows varied imagery from all over the world – including abandoned mines, and the cities and art that were built out of those minerals. Everything you choose to do, has a cost. It’s good to occasionally stop … Read more

Never leave the shipyard (acoustic live with Janne Malinen) released

We recorded this acoustic live version of “Never leave the shipyard” at my family cabin. My dear friend and a fantastic musician, Janne Malinen wrote the acoustic guitar arrangement of the song. I think he captured the heavy essence of the song, which is very sad, still and rather powerless. It’s a cry for something … Read more

Unzyme to perform at Jyväskylä Pride 2022

We’re happy to announce two biomechanical pop shows at Jyväskylä Pride 2022. The first show will take place in Lounaispuisto, after the Pride March. The second and much longer show will be played at night at Aalto-Sali (entrance through Freetime). This is certainly not the first or last time we’ll be performing at Jyväskylä Pride.