Daya – Insomnia Review

Insomnia starts with a very cool sound effect hook, which immediately drew my attention to the song. The sound effect is actually quite similar to what we’ve used at the beginning of The Completionist. The effect is definitely from BT’s Stutter Edit (an iZotope sound effect plugin). We should use that more! Anyway…

The chorus melody is very straightforward. Without the melodic pause and hook at the end, it would be too static, but with that sweet, subtle alteration in the rhythm, the melody becomes very infectious and danceworthy.

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I really like the production style of the song. There’s a 90’s dance pop vibe in the backbeat bassline and sound. Mostly, though, the track sounds very modern and kind of timeless, which I appreciate. Electronic pop music should always be looking forward, looking for fresh sounds.

It’s a love song about craving, to the point of insomnia. My favorite part of the song is probably the end of the bridge, where the melody takes some unexpected quick detours to the underworld. That creates a nice contrast before the more straightforward chorus melody. There are some nice pauses in the melody at the very end of the song. I rarely have courage to leave too much empty space in between notes. It sounds quite juicy, so I guess there’s something to be learned from this song.

I will definitely look into hearing more of Daya’s songs, especially if she continues to work with producer Jake Agger.

The video looks fantastic as well

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