“Louder than the voice of reason” music video released

Louder than the voice of reason, one of the songs from Unzyme’s fifth album is accompanied by a documentary film about the future of the prison system. Created in collaboration with Tuohimedia, the music video was shot deep underground, as we often tend to do.

Would you rather be bored to death or lose yourself in eternal entertainment? That’s the question, and the answer is self-evident, as seen on the “Louder than the voice of reason” video.

Video crew

Prisoner Rami “ColdAirMedia” Rinne
AI Companion: Lisa Vaara
Judge: Thérèse Nguyen
Guard: Markus Björklöf
Head of Penitentiary Experiments: Iikka Mutanen

Directed by Iikka Mutanen
Filmed by Aaro Lahtinen and Iikka Mutanen
Edited by Aaro Lahtinen
Lighting by Vili Haapaniemi
Drawing by Elli Jokitulppo

Music Production by PihkaSound
Video Production by Unzyme Laboratories and Tuohimedia

Vlogs in Finnish by ColdAir
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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