Escaping the mirror (music video) out now

Another music video collaboration between the magnificent Sebastian Trzaska and Unzyme – Escaping the mirror. It’s a departure from what we’ve done before, but a lot of work was poured into this new kind of video concept as well. The song is about needing to change internally, and hooking up with someone who is a catalyst to that change, so I guess that it’s suitable to present the song in a fresh format as well.

Anniina Saari designed a big portion of the look of the video – the stage, the costumes and makeup. Special thanks to the legendary Raili Kivelä and Huoneteatteri. Big thanks to the assisting crew – Seija Viirret, Lauri Liimatta and Natalia Cerro.

The song is produced by Lasse Turunen, backing vocals by Henna Helasvuo. We’ve worked with PihkaSound since 2015, and will continue to collaborate.

Mastering by Hannu Hattunen.


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