Song dissection: Anniversaries

Anniversaries has stayed in our live setlist for a long time. Structurally it’s one of those Unzyme songs that start off with relatively small elements and end up in a massive chorus storm. It’s a very dark song about having big dreams and constantly having to put them off. The frustration of not getting any recognition for … Read more

The key lines

I always write the music first, and then start working on the lyrics. For some reason, the original melody is so important to me, that I’m not willing to change it in order to write the lyrics more easily. I feel that if I replace the melody, the feeling of the song would lose something important. Relying … Read more

Song dissection: Covered clearance

Covered clearance is a very special song to me. I like to explore and photograph underground tunnels and abandoned places. These photos are very much present in the album booklet, especially on Override. When I was composing Brainforest, I came across this beautiful photo of a tunnel with a hole in the ceiling. A story started to emerge … Read more