Bon Jovi – Limitless (Review)

Limitless kicks off with a familiar “whoaaah”, as heard extensively on Burning Bridges. There’s a bit of “We Don’t Run”, “Undivided” and “We Weren’t Born to Follow” in this song. And a whole lot of the style that was prominent on This House Is Not For Sale. There’s nothing too surprising about Limitless, and if … Read more

Bomb track: Bon Jovi – Who Would You Die For

This new Bon Jovi song is one of my favorites on “Burning Bridges”, which is not your typical Bon Jovi album. There are several gems on this album, though it’s not a coherent masterpiece such as “These Days”. Other great picks from the album are “Blind Love”, “A Teardrop To The Sea” and “We Don’t Run”. Though not my favorite, I quite enjoy “Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning” as well. It’s the only song on this album that is co-written by Richie Sambora. His influence can be heard clearly, especially in the chorus. The track would fit nicely on “Have A Nice Day”. Almost every track on “Burning Bridges” includes some sort of “Ooooh” vocals, which gets kind of old after a few spins. This is a refreshing album, and has great moments, but it’s far from Bon Jovi’s best work.