“All the sad lies” lyric video released

A few years ago we decided to participate in the Finnish division of the Eurovision song contest (UMK). This song is a bit different in tone, as it was specifically written for the competition.

Lyrically this song is a bit of an oddball in the Unzyme catalogue, as it was written to be more straightforward. Or perhaps a more suitable term would be “gayforward”, as the topic of the song is about feeling the pull to someone who is of the same sex, and not admitting that to yourself. Hiding your true nature is heavy, and people, especially those closest to you, can see right through your bluff anyway.

Several Pet Shop Boys songs deal with a similar topic, including “Nervously” – a song from their fantastic album, “Behaviour”. In the chorus of “All the sad lies”, your crush is encouraging you to boldly show who you truly are, by dancing with someone who you didn’t dare to love publicly.

The theme of the song is also similar to the Pet Shop Boys and Elton John collaboration, “In Private” (originally written for Dusty Springfield), where a gay lover quite reasonably asks “What you gonna say when you run back to your wife?”.

This song was supposed to be on the upcoming album, Interference, but we decided to release it separately, as it is stylistically too far from the rest of the songs.

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