Traveling alone – How unpredictability rejuvenates The lone wanderer

In the Kent song, Beredd på allt, Joakim Berg sings how he likes to travel alone.

Jag reser gärna ensam
det har kommit med åren
Man blir så trött av allt prat
av att tolka språken

Translates to something along these lines:

“I like to travel alone
it has come with the years
One gets so tired of all the talk
of interpreting languages”

I can certainly relate to this lyric. While traveling alone, I experience the world without the need to communicate or experience anything else than the place itself. I’m afraid of using the word meditation, but I guess it’s something like that. Wandering around in a desolate area, or delved deep into your thoughts while walking on the busy streets of Berlin, can be very good for thinking.

Cognitive dissonance

Long before I started writing songs, I was interested in the visual beauty of decay and even toxic waste. I’ve always found it immensely fascinating how something that is truly awful on a conceptual or a moral level, can be strikingly beautiful if you just let yourself experience that side of it.

Being a visual artist and a songwriter can sometimes lead to conflicts between art styles and tones. What I like to photograph, may not represent the music in the best possible way. But then again, if I bring you something from both worlds, it may also help you experience the songs on a deeper level. All art grows from the same soil.

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