Bomb Track: The Rasmus – Wonderman

I’ve been a fan of The Rasmus since their 2001 album Into, and have liked pretty much everything they’ve done. It’s been interesting to see them change their sound from a pop-funk band to a much darker tone, while maintaining the very melodic nature of their songs. Playboys is still one of my favorite albums, best of their early work. Their self-titled album may have been my least favorite album so far, not that it didn’t have good songs on it (Mysteria and Someone’s Gonna Light You Up are quite good), but generally it just felt a bit lifeless.

It’s been five years since their last album, and the first single, Paradise, didn’t really get my hopes up. It sounds better with the video, though. But I know that The Rasmus can still write great songs, so I kept on listening to the singles that were released in a rather frantic pace (which is a very contemporary way of releasing stuff).

When I first listened to Wonderman, I was surprised by the heavy guitars and drums on this track. The Rasmus has never sounded this heavy. A welcome change. But the chorus is not heavy at all. It’s melodic and very enjoyable. I hope that the new album will be made of the same creative juices as this one. It’s not exactly a return to form, because this is not the form of The Rasmus we’re used to, but that’s a good thing, right?

Have a listen!

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