Successful musicians are committed

What separates “mediocre” bands and “successful” bands? By mediocre I mean a band that is not very popular. They might have good songs and all, but they’re not really concentrated on becoming successful. And why would a band want to be successful, and a potential sell-out? Because successful bands can earn a living by doing what they love, and can really concentrate on their music.

I think I know at least one thing that separates mediocre bands from successful bands, and that is commitment.

Be committed!

Lady Gaga, though not the world’s most renowned philosopher, said well on her Born this way ball show: “You’ve got to be willing to give up everything.”. That’s well said. Those words got stuck in my head for a long time and they got me thinking about how committed I am to Unzyme’s success. I think I am very committed. This is my life’s work. It’s not sane or healthy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

How much are you willing to give?

Just recently I offered a photography deal to a couple of bands that were playing with at an event. I had already paid the photographer, and I asked him if he would be willing to document the other bands for an extra fee. He agreed to do it for a nominal extra fee of 30 euros. I told the other bands that they’d get professional photographs for a ridiculously low price. But guess what – both bands refused this offer! I was shocked! How come they didn’t see the value of professional photographs? With what else are they going to market themselves? Then I realized that they weren’t in it for the long run. They didn’t have big dreams about being professional musicians. In other words, they were not committed. If they were, they’d have seen the value of photographs. I’ve done Unzyme’s marketing for quite some time (I am also an entrepreneur), and I know that photographs are very important to your success. Without photographs it’s very hard to tell anyone anything about your band.

Some musicians settle for playing every now and then in small bars, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I totally understand it. Music shouldn’t always be about getting popular. Nonetheless, I’m very interested in seeing why other bands stay in the basements, and others reach for the stars. I am totally with the latter group.

No pain no gain!

I know we haven’t made big waves yet, and we have a lot to learn about everything, but we are committed. I think that makes all the difference. No pain no gain!

I am willing to give up everything for Unzyme. Though I hope I don’t have to!

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