The Weeknd – In Your Eyes (Review)

I was browsing Spotify’s global top hits and came across The Weeknd’s song Blinding Lights, which led me on a little YouTube journey. I checked out the Blinding Lights music video, and as great as it was, I got even more interested, when I found out that it was actually a part of a music video series. The series is directed by Anton Tammi, who clearly knows what he’s doing. All the videos in the series are disturbingly well made. They present the music in an unreal, yet weirdly relatable way. Heartless, Blinding Lights and In Your Eyes are all musical short films, and After Hours is more like a compilation of the other three.

Usually I don’t like songs that are specifically made to sound like the 80’s. But damn, In Your Eyes is a fantastic song, and the production style fits the song perfectly. The song is irresistible. In Your Eyes sounds similarly timeless as Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. It all boils down to a fine composition, like it always does. I may not be a big fan of The Weeknd’s previous work, and may not like everything he does, but this song, and quite a few others on After Hours (the album) sound really nice.

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At this point of his career, The Weeknd is free to try out all kinds of styles and ideas. I’m glad that he took the risk and experimented with a new style, though I hope it keeps on evolving into something even more unique. The vocal style in his latest tracks is still way more pleasing to me than what he used to do. Still, I wish he keeps on reinventing himself, as there’s a lot of cool songs to be found.

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