Infected Mushroom & WHITENO1SE – More Of Just The Same (Review)

Yes, this track may be More of Just the Same, but who else could write a track like this? Infected Mushroom is a very unique band. Personally, I think I am the embodiment of the ideology of creating more of just the same. I like to just keep going, learning on the way, maybe improving a little, but mostly just continuing relentlessly. Infected Mushroom is no stranger to this philosophy either. They’ve been perfecting their weird mix of experimental dance music to the point that they’re now almost beyond comparison. On the other hand, many WHITENO1SE tracks share a similar fast-moving psytrance aesthetic, so this collaboration is a very natural one.

More of Just the Same is full of details, subtle changes, infectious beats, dance-inducing synth riffs and glitchy sound evolutions. They keep the sounds moving all the time. They break things when they start to become familiar. They skilfully play with tension, constantly building and releasing it. There is no boring moment in this song, even though it’s seven minutes long. It may be similar to other IM releases, but as a standalone piece it takes you on a wild ride, just like many times before. This is progressive dance music at its best. Infected Mushroom always preserves danceability, even though their tracks carelessly wander to alien territories.

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This is a solid addition to the vast catalogue of Infected Mushroom. Now that the world is infected with the coronavirus, we may as well enjoy some Infected Mushroom while recovering from the pandemic.

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