Emre Arisev & Dogu Dylan – Alive (Review)

I don’t listen to a lot of house music, but I do recognize a quality house track when I hear one. Emre Arisev & Dogu Dylan sent me this track, and I gotta say that I wasn’t expecting to get this excited. Alive is based on the Bee Gees‘ hit Stayin’ Alive, but only fractions of the original were used in this house remix type of song.

The track wastes no time getting into the groove – Alive basically starts with an uplifting snare fill, which is not a very typical way to kick off a track. The “let’s waste no time” kind of approach caught my attention, and it was firmly held until the end of the track. It’s a simple, yet very engaging and dance-inspiring track. I really like the bass line and the brass-heavy arrangement.

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Give it a spin – dancing will make you endure the quarantine much better. Stay at home and listen to some house music.

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