How not to fuck up a music video release

Having fucked up many album and song releases, we’re finally getting a grasp of how things should be done. Here’s a brief list of things to consider when planning a schedule for a music video release.

1. Producing the song

This is probably the easiest part of a song release. Songwriting is only 7% of the whole song release process.

  1. Write the song
  2. Produce the song
  3. Mixing and mastering

2. Producing the music video

  1. Come up with a brilliant idea
  2. Find a suitable location and get permissions to shoot there
  3. Write the final script
  4. Choose actors
  5. Draw the script as a storyboard
  6. List the gear you need in order to execute the plan
  7. Negotiate sponsor deals
  8. Schedule the video shooting days as accurately as possible

3. Silent release

When the video is ready, it’s crucial to have enough time for pre-promotion. This is when all collaborators and media representatives are contacted in order to negotiate an exclusive release deal with one of them, and interviews are booked. Three weeks or more would be ideal.

  1. Upload the video to YouTube (as unlisted).
  2. Upload the song to SoundCloud (as unlisted).
  3. Don’t upload the song to Spotify just yet, or if you do, set a later release date.

4. Contact media

  1. Contact bloggers, telling them to listen to the song or watch the (unlisted) video.
  2. Contact media people and offer them an exclusive release. When you have sorted out which

5. Press release and advertisement

  1. Change all your social media profile art and links to support the video
  2. Pin the video to Twitter and Facebook
  3. Send the press release to your media mailing list
    1. Link to the video
    2. Tell the story of the song
    3. Include links to promotional photos, logos and all the materials a journalist could need
  4. Create a YouTube advertising campaign
  5. Post news to your social media accounts

6. Official release

  1. Upload the song to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, etc. (we use Record Union).
  2. Change your profile information on all platforms to promote the release.

7. Social media hustle

When the video has been released, you need to remind people about it. Not all the time, but just by being active on social media, keeping the links to the video easily accessible in your profile and occasionally reminding your audience about the video. Post stills on Instagram. Blog about it. Keep talking about it.

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