Numbers on social media don’t matter

I’ve tried growing my audience on Twitter by using Crowdfire and other similar tools. Basically the strategy is to follow other people so that they would have a look at your profile and follow back. But that doesn’t work. People don’t care about you, unless you interact with them. So, it’s time to let go … Read more

How to start a YouTube show

Instead of building up a vast library of random uploads, it would be a good idea to compartmentalize the content and steer the ideas into defined sections. Starting a series on your channel creates a frame for other, occasional videos and make them stand out more on their own. Creating a separate show on YouTube … Read more

How not to fuck up a music video release

Having fucked up many album and song releases, we’re finally getting a grasp of how things should be done. Here’s a brief list of things to consider when planning a schedule for a music video release. 1. Producing the song This is probably the easiest part of a song release. Songwriting is only 7% of … Read more