Unzyme returns to the legendary Lounaispuisto Stage to perform a special show at Pride Jyväskylä (Puistojuhla) on August 21, 2021

Unzyme will play a very special show at Jyväskylä Pride 2021, which takes place in the legendary Lounaispuisto. The event starts at 14:00 and ends at 18:00. We don’t know the exact showtime yet, but our show will likely be the last. Unzyme producers Lasse and Henna will also bring their spectacular Pihka Is My Name show to the party, se you should definitely come early! There will be other artists as well. It should be easy to maintain safe distances, as the park is very big. Sound system will be provided by the awesome showtech company Maukka.

Pretty much ten years ago Unzyme performed at the exact same event. Little did we know that our keyboardist Daniel was watching that show, years before joining the band. In a week, we’ll be performing on the monumental Lounaispuisto stage with Daniel.

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