How to start a YouTube show

Instead of building up a vast library of random uploads, it would be a good idea to compartmentalize the content and steer the ideas into defined sections. Starting a series on your channel creates a frame for other, occasional videos and make them stand out more on their own. Creating a separate show on YouTube … Read more

I moved to another hosting company because I can’t afford to close the website for a weekend

I had already a lot of Tallinn Music Week preparations to do, when my web host decided to suspend my account. Well, that sucked, because they’re closed for the weekend, and I knew I’d get support on Monday at the earliest, which was almost three days away. And on Monday I would’ve already been on my way to … Read more

Why you shouldn’t be using automated direct messages on Twitter

Automated “Thanks for the follow, please subscribe to my YouTube channel” messages don’t work. People are not going to be excited about that message, because so many attention-seeking tweeps are misusing that feature. Only amateur marketers care about the follower count instead of the attention they’re getting. Rule number one is to create interesting, valuable content … Read more

Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to decide what to talk about

Search engine optimization is one of the ways to get discovered. That’s one of the key reasons why I’m writing this blog. Sometimes I check the search phrase volumes in Google AdWords Keyword Planner, to get some guidance on what kind of information people are looking for. If you can answer popular questions well, you’ll get … Read more

Comment on trending topics on Twitter and get discovered

Hashtags are a free discovery tool on Twitter. People are checking the trending hashtags all the time, and your tweets are more likely to be seen, if you’re tweeting about something that’s trending. You can also change the location of the trending topics list. I check many places, and mostly pick topics that are somehow … Read more