How to start a YouTube show

Instead of building up a vast library of random uploads, it would be a good idea to compartmentalize the content and steer the ideas into defined sections. Starting a series on your channel creates a frame for other, occasional videos and make them stand out more on their own. Creating a separate show on YouTube … Read more

Song dissection: Jesus in my trunk

This was one of the earliest Unzyme songs. It started as a jam. We were playing something together with Ville and Mary, and I sung some totally stupid lyrics on top of that. The original, weird Finnish lyrics were something like “Jeesus takakontissa huutaa, ja minä vain ajan.”, which translates to “Jesus is shouting in … Read more

Site rebuilding

Our site was recently attacked by a hacker, and we’re now rebuilding the site. It will take some time. Please bear with us.

Preliminary DMX tests

The long-awaited package from Thomann arrived to the Unzyme test facilites about a week ago. The package included two American DJ Dekkers, two Stairville Led Floodlight 150s, a Stairville 1500 strobe and the SF-1000 fog machine from the same manufacturer, a bunch of DMX cables (aka XLR cables) and an Enttec USB DMX converter. Oh, … Read more

Ville infiltrates the British Underground Revolutionary Science Organization (B.U.R.S.O.)

Ville is planning to get inside the British Underground Revolutionary Sience Organization (B.U.R.S.O.) in February 2012 and will continue to get deeply involved in the community until May 2012. With skilled scheming and planning he has somehow managed to combine this extraordinarily brave and unsound mission with his university studies, and will receive academic credits … Read more

Song production and stage lighting

It’s been about a year since the release of Brainforest. During these thirteen months, new songs have been actively brewing in the lab. Some have been played live on gigs and one demo has been released online as part of the UMK-competition. but mostly the new songs have remained hidden. A new approach was taken … Read more 2.0

We have now updated the Unzyme Lair to meet modern age requirements. Thanks to our sponsor, the Unzyme Laboratories, everything looks a bit sleeker and sleazier.