Setting up an Unzyme live show using Ableton Live

We are a three-person band playing biomechanical pop. We have live vocals, live keyboards, live drums and a backing track. In addition, we have pre-programmed lighting systems for each song. How is all this put together? Our live system has migrated from a very simple collection of separate sound modules to a more integrated mesh of … Read more

Ableton Live as an automatic DMX controller

Oftentimes the built-in sound recognition systems in lighting fixtures are rudimentary and boring. Here I describe a method for utilizing Ableton Live and some third-party plugins to create an automatic DMX light controller system. The system also implements the iPad for controlling the lights when automatic sequences become boring. Recently, I had the opportunity of building a discotheque at … Read more

Song production and stage lighting

It’s been about a year since the release of Brainforest. During these thirteen months, new songs have been actively brewing in the lab. Some have been played live on gigs and one demo has been released online as part of the UMK-competition. but mostly the new songs have remained hidden. A new approach was taken … Read more