Lyric writing tools that I use

I write lyrics on my laptop, which are often based on handwritten drafts and improvised demo lyrics. I have several tabs open in my browser, and I constantly use various writing tools to find suitable words and check for some expressions and semantic nuances that I may not be sure of. The tools that I … Read more

The key lines

I always write the music first, and then start working on the lyrics. For some reason, the original melody is so important to me, that I’m not willing to change it in order to write the lyrics more easily. I feel that if I replace the melody, the feeling of the song would lose something important. Relying … Read more

Song dissection: Excuses ran dry

This song was born in a rather unusual way. We wrote the song together with Ville, using a method that we call “combosing“. In combosing, a team of composers write music into a predefined song structure without hearing each other. Writers are given a song structure, and each section of the song is described in some … Read more

Photograph by Leo Lembitov, StudioLeo @ deviantART

Open air festivals and the progress of the second album

While we’re busy working on our second album, Override, we are also negotiating with a couple of summer festivals about implementing Unzyme Experiments to their program. Two summer shows have already been announced, but there might be more. Our main goal, however, is to release the new album as quickly as possible. Our ambitions have … Read more