“Tied into a frame” music video released

This song is about wanting to be something else than the majority, but still conforming to outside expectations, because the fear of getting rejected is too strong. It’s about knowing your true self, but keeping it a secret. It takes loads of courage to declare your independence and to live the way you want to. To choose to ignore the doubters and haters, and to lead by example. I hope this song will give you motivation to live by you own standards.


Directed, filmed and edited by Sebastian Trzaska.

A Neon Video Production

The girl with the Neuro Valve Regulator
Oona Inkeri

The man on the screen
Joona Nuutinen

Ayrin Majidi
Suvi Liukkonen

Amanda Majasaari
Nea Vilhuniemi

Darja Svidchenko
Mari Sahlstén
Jenny Teerikangas
Andrew Sarchus
Matti Välimäki
Ida Kumpulainen

We owe thanks to all of our friends in Helsinki, who participated in the video shoot at Kansalaistori.

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