Live video recording on GoPro Hero cameras

We record every experiment on at least two GoPro cameras. The main purpose of this is to see how the performance actually looked like, and what could be done better. This is especially great in post mortem situations, when something has gone terribly wrong. It’s the black box of failed experiments.

But it’s not just for failures. In fact, I believe that live videos have been the best tool in telling about the band and booking shows. Our latest show was booked in 15 minutes, just by calling and showing the video. It really was a game changer. Before it took way too long to try to explain what Unzyme is all about – a video takes care of that in a very short time. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, if it tells your story. The first version of our introduction video isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s still a great tool.

We also grab some still frames from these recordings and post them to our website, Facebook or Twitter. GoPros have very cool wide angle lenses, which make them perfect for on stage documentation.

Our GoPro mount arsenal

  • Metal clamps with GoPro mounts glued to them. They can be attached to most poles, and venues are usually full of poles and stuff.
  • Gorillapod-style mounts (with bendable legs) to attach the camera to a random thing in the ceiling. This is probably the most versatile mount.
  • Ball head video camera tripod with a GoPro adapter. This small video camera tripod adjusts to a lot of different heights, which is often needed.
  • Chest and head mounts, to show what’s happening at Ville’s command center.

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