New blacklight fixtures: Cameo UVBar 200 IR

We just ordered two Cameo UVBar 200 IR blacklight fixtures to spice up the Unzyme experiments. The idea is to use some blacklight strobe effects in songs. The lab coats should look pretty cool in UV light.

We already had four stands for Stairville LED Bars, and wanted to hang the new blacklight fixtures to the same, lightweight stands. I wanted to have a quick release system (Global Truss Quick Snap Mini), but they seemed too costly for the benefit. We would’ve needed 8 of those, and weren’t really sure if they were necessary, so we opted for some cheap-ass C-clamps.

Turns out that “TV Spigot” is not an accessory related to television, but refers to a quick release lighting fixture attachment system.

I wish there was some sort of a compatibility list for truss accessories and lighting stand connectors. All lighting setups are basically made of “Lego pieces”, and most of them fit together. However, it takes a long time to browse through all those options, if you don’t know what kind of pieces are available.

When the new blacklight lighting fixtures arrive, we’ll make a demo video of how they look like in action.

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