Renovating the Unzyme Proving Ground Gamma

Unzyme Proving Ground is the place where we test new technology and songs before they go live. We’ve had two different Proving Grounds before this one. Proving Grounds Alpha and Beta were located in the another building. The latest version, Gamma is located in an industrial area.

We will be sending some broadcasts from the Proving Ground, so we want it to look as good as possible. Painting is one of our favorite activities, so painting the walls of the new UPG was a natural choice. We had a bit of a dispute whether to pick green color (which, in my opinion is, the natural choice, whenever a color needs choosing), but Ville insisted that we’d go for black. I agreed, but only because I thought that green would also work as an “effect color”, and that style has been seen on our cases, such as the Deployment Container and the Master Controller case.

Our friend Seija joined Ville and I at the UPG. Her help was greatly needed, because Ville had a very important meeting to attend to (he wanted to watch a movie with his friends).

After four hours of painting, the first layer was finished. We’ll continue the project tomorrow. As soon as the paint has completely dried, we’ll get to install the acoustic boards.

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