Controlling Blackmagicdesign’s ATEM switcher remotely from Ableton Live

We use Ableton Live’s MIDI clips to automate live stream camera switching. The stream is sent to multiple streaming services from a dedicated streaming laptop. Ableton Live is running on another laptop. All devices are connected to the same router (which is also a wireless modem).

In addition to Ableton Live, you will need to install ATEM Software Control, Included in the ATEM Switchers application pack, Osculator and atemOSC.

Signal chain: Ableton Live > Osculator > atemOSC > Router > ATEM device (via ethernet connection).

We’re using ATEM Mini in our setup. This guide is based on Here to Record’s fantastic video guide on how to set up an external MIDI device to control ATEM remotely.

Routing virtual MIDI from Ableton to ATEM Switcher

Overview of the process

  1. Configure your ATEM device to use an IP address that your computer (and the applications) can access.
  2. Configure Ableton to send MIDI signals to Osculator
  3. Convert (demux) MIDI messages to a format that can be used to send OSC messages
  4. Configure Osculator to send OSC messages to atemOSC
  5. Configure atemOSC to send control messages to the ATEM Switcher by configuring the output IP address to the one you defined earlier
  6. Enjoy awesome MIDI camera switching automation

configure Osculator to read midi messages

Osculator creates an easy interface for other applications, like Ableton, to send MIDI messages to. If you’re using MIDI notes (different pitches) to launch OSC commands, you’ll first need to convert the notes to a format that separates the pitch. See Osculator’s own guide on how to demux MIDI messages in order to convert MIDI notes from Ableton to a format that Osculator can then send to atemOSC.


atemOSC reads Osculator’s messages and sends them over to your ATEM controller over the network. The computer that sends the control signals to the ATEM will need to be on the same network with ATEM. In our setup, the ATEM is connected to a modem/router via Ethernet cable, and the laptop is connected to the router wirelessly.

Automate camera switches using MIDI clips

We use MIDI clips within scenes in Ableton to pre-design camera switches. MIDI notes C1 indicates camera one, C2 is camera two, and so on. The cameras have been numbered accordingly.

The stream itself is sent to Restream from OBS, with some added graphics, but the stream contents are done mostly before it even reaches the streaming laptop.

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