Spotify for Artists now available on Android

Spotify for Artists has been available on iOS App Store for a while. Android users have had to wait for the app to be released, but now it’s here. You’ll still get better stats by logging into your Artist account on the Spotify website, but the app is getting closer to that experience. You can see statistics only for the last 28 days, which is a bit disappointing, since you can get yearly and all-time stats on the Spotify for Artists website.

The current Spotify for Artists app is quite buggy, but in theory you should be able to…

  • Edit your Spotify profile and bio
  • Share your own playlists
  • Promote one of your songs by choosing it as an “Artist Pick”
  • See your audience demographics (age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Get live statistics on your releases (most played songs, etc.)

Install Spotify for Artists on your Android phone.

Update! After a few weeks of using Spotify for Artists, it seems that it’s very speedily draining the battery of my Android phone. I uninstalled the app, and battery life seems to have gotten back to normal. Tell me if you’re experiencing the same problem!

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