Maty Noyes – Love Don’t Cost A Thang ft. Franke, Lemaitre (Review)

I was sending Unzyme’s new song Nerve cells to music curators via Submithub, when I stumbled upon this wonderful, uplifting pop song by Maty Noyes. It’s now wonder why many music curators have chosen to feature this song in their blogs and playlists – this song is very special. It is much harder to write a positive pop song, than it is to write a sad one. Conveying a positive emotion without sounding too cheesy, is an achievement on its own.

I absolutely loved the video. I first heard the song without it, and liked it a lot, but with the video, it is even better. There are very nice details all over the video – like how stepping on the gas pedal is synchronized perfectly to the music, the “Wanted” posters, passports and all that stuff is executed in high detail. Gotta love the dedication and hard work that went into the video. And the story is great too!

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I don’t know if the sounds in the intro are actual matrix printers sampled, but it is implied in the opening graphics. Bonus points, if they actually went off their way and sampled an old printer to get this beautiful sound. It is unique and ear-catching.

Very cool stuff – play it loud.

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