Stargate Origins may breathe new life into the franchise

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Stargate Origins is a new kind of web series in the Stargate franchise. Even though the new trailer looks a bit cheap, I think that this new series should be given a chance to succeed. If fans support it, and buy the Stargate Command subscription, that will prove that this kind of concept could work.

Fan support will decide the fate of Stargate Origins

I suppose that the budget needed to be small in order for Stargate Origins to happen at all. All fans should be grateful for SGO even getting a chance to get done, and they should support it, just to show that there’s still an audience yearning for more Stargate.

Make it international!

I only wish that international fans, such as myself, will get to support it. So far, Stargate Command subscriptions have not been available to international viewers, which sucks, and is seriously going to limit the money they make and the size of the audience. Not only is this bad for their budget, but it’s going to seem that there aren’t enough fans, while the truth is that not all fans are allowed to support Stargate. I know that it’s hard to make it happen, because many distribution deals would need to be rewritten.

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