New album to be released in magazine format

The age of the CD has come to an end, but cover art still lives on. I’ve decided that the physical form of Unzyme’s next album will be more like a magazine or a book, than a conventional CD package. I already entertained the thought, when designing the cover art for Override, and one copy of Brainforest was actually released in scrap metal format, but when I talked to some German music industry veterans (radio people) in 2014 at a Music Finland event, I was somehow convinced that it would be better to release the album in a format that can easily be archived among other albums. But this time I’m not going to listen to anyone else. I don’t even want it to be easily archivable. I want it to be a wonderful experience for the fans.

I’m going to design a big, 32-page magazine that will include lyrics, stories behind songs, a comic-style storyboard of “Extinction” (one of our forthcoming music videos) and a bunch of photos. There will also be a CD in a plastic sleeve, on the last page of the magazine. The size will most probably be 21cm by 21cm which is similar to the dimensions of a 7″ vinyl cover, just slightly bigger. It will be awesome!

The image above is not the final version of the album cover.

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  1. Sounding good, I’m sure some fans will love it! I ordered a fan-cd-package once and was delighted by the detail they had a hand-written “Thank you” -note in the package 🙂


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