Midi controlled DMX lights

We like to make our experiments as spectacular as possible, and thus have invested quite a lot of time on lighting design. Every song in our live catalog has been enhanced with a light show. We try to underline the story of the song with a matching light sequence. It took quite a lot of research to get the system up and running. To save your time, you can use this setup

Unzyme’s MIDI lighting DMX signal chain

Ableton Live Midi Track (no plugin, just MIDI output)
This is the light programming source, which is routed to…

Virtual Midi channel (on Mac OS X),
which routes the midi signal from Ableton Live to other programs within the OS, and then goes to

Q Light Controller (on Mac OS X),
which maps the midi signals to the appropriate DMX channels, and sends the information to

Enttec DMX USB Pro,
which sends the DMX signals to the lighting devices through USB, and goes on to

Daisy-chained lighting devices
A more detailed description of the devices will follow.

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