Everything is a lie

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All my desires were implanted in me right from the start
I was following guidelines like they were my will
– official instructions for leading a life worth a damn

Once I pulled out all the drapes in my head I understood
that even leaders take their orders from someone
they strive to keep their reign and reputation intact

Tension grows between abilities and expectations
I want to find out what I can be
Mind controlling conspiracies can’t hold me back
I’m switching sides with trusted enemies

Perhaps my resistance was part of a plan to show their power
my rebellion was set up before I could walk
By now I know for sure that everything is a lie

One day I’ll learn how to pull the strings and join the gods
shake the scales of justice and see how far can be gone
through cryptic clues I’ll show what’s really going on

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Key(s): D minor

Tempo: 135