Breathing statues


It’s easy to be fearless
if you don’t play in the streets
This neighborhood was built on rotting trees
and brittle concrete

People keep on asking
why I chose to leave
I couldn’t stand the ruthless flow of speech
and hypotheses

I don’t want to feel what I feel
when losers hold my keys
and the ceiling’s dripping formaldehyde on my fingers

I don’t want to feel what I feel
my roommates are deaf to the screams
and my hand is shaking, looking for a lighter

Trust your superpowers
they won’t know what hit ’em
Trust your supersenses
jump over the fences
Trust your superpowers
they don’t believe in wonders
You must be so sick of doubters

Walking through the ruins
away from breathing statues
trailing hope through collapsing stairways
and icy rooftops

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Key(s): F minor