Get out of the basement You don’t look too innocent Get out with the evidence You’ve less than a minute to blow a hole to the wall Let the muzzle flashes light up the steps of your escape, gun ballet I’m waiting here by the gate It’s time I let you know You’ve always been … Read more

Covered clearance

Through a manhole into a drain I disappear beneath the chaos I need to feel the veins of this town Dirtwater stream via gates and filters, reveals the way to a covered clearance – a sanctuary for the curious minds Freedom is choosing a way without knowing what else could be found – comfort in … Read more

Everything is a lie

All my desires were implanted in me right from the start I was following guidelines like they were my will – official instructions for leading a life worth a damn Once I pulled out all the drapes in my head I understood that even leaders take their orders from someone they strive to keep their … Read more

Raided room

I’ve never been in such a pretty mess, in a labyrinth without an exit you’re a friend you are a fraud Maybe I am just a prototype You’re always looking for a way to use me tie me up, switch off the lights Take your hands off me I don’t need your illusion Your lies … Read more

Mother of all bombs

When the mission has just begun my eyes glow like Hornets’ afterburners I start to tremble On the radar I see the target the enemy is just a klick away It’s time for action We fly side by side, weapons loaded we fire up the rockets and sing “Hallelujah, baby!” Let the blast speak for … Read more

Dust on the shelves

Dust on the shelves Rust on the hinges Notes on the floor messages from the time that you were trying to sing my song I came back to find all of your secrets what did you hide and where did you go to rewrite your life to plan for an endless ride on your own … Read more


My head is tripping like a fuckin’ tour guide My head is ringing, hollow on the inside Fill me up, yeah, Fill me up, now My power’s fading, I kick like an embryo I’m disappearing, soon I’ll have no shadow Fill me up, yeah, Fill me up, now I too would like to read my … Read more