Bomb track: Kate Boy – Self Control

I found this awesome band, Kate Boy, by accident. I was looking for Laura Branigan’s classic hit Self Control on Spotify, and saw this song on the list as well. At first I thought it was a cover version of Branigan’s 80’s hit, but no! It was something much cooler than a cover song. It immediately caught my attention. Could this be my new favorite band? Quite possibly.

I gotta respect the unescapable rhythm and deeply infectious melody of Self Control. And it’s no exception in Kate Boy’s discography. Pretty much all of their songs are melodic and are dressed in very cool rhythmic synths. Energetic power-pop with lyrics that are more interesting than your average radio pop songs.

I highly recommend checking out Kate Boy’s debut album One. Very cool stuff, and might just inspire some new Unzyme songs as well.

Ps. It’s no miracle that they’re based in Sweden.