Money grinder

Here is your daily dose from the industry of hope The marketplace of dreams immense pyramid schemes This is your only shot at a life that’s worth a lot you better be one of the alphas Stop, everybody needs to fucking stop Stop living in your box You are the building blocks of the money … Read more

Nerve cells

Draw the walls that you see Sing the voices you hear Show the spikes that you feel Did you know you were misled? The way you speak is unique Your eyes, your physique and the shape of your head is precisely as intended Darling it’s too dangerous to religiously hold on Darling all your nerve … Read more

Universal constructor

This is an instrumental song. One of the sections in our Ableton Live session was called “Universal constructor”, and that became the title of the song. A universal constructor is a machine that can replicate itself. In our vision, this universal constructor resides somewhere in space, creating replicas of itself, as well as other machines, … Read more


My eyes don’t prove what I say Even if I shout, no one hears a thing This uniform has turned into a disguise Every promise I made is dying of age I don’t want to spread this neurotoxin even if it’s made inside of me I don’t want to take down anyone else Who could … Read more


I met you for the first time on a mountain, you were surprised of how I caught you there gazing on falling stars You invited me to rendezvous in a science fiction movie night I came late, but you told me what had happened before No open door was left untrespassed, for we always had … Read more


I was born under the wrong sun Terracentric dreams never turned me on From the moment I laid my feet on the ground I wanted to jump right off the Earth I built a vessel to defy the speed of light I needed to comprehend other forms of life Attributes of the human race were … Read more

Covered clearance

Through a manhole into a drain I disappear beneath the chaos I need to feel the veins of this town Dirtwater stream via gates and filters, reveals the way to a covered clearance – a sanctuary for the curious minds Freedom is choosing a way without knowing what else could be found – comfort in … Read more

Crush this relic

When you look into my eyes do you see a wall reflecting? I wish you didn’t When you seek for ways to live I’m not an option on your list you see, I’m only slowing you down Find out, you’ve got to find out Even if you don’t believe in love you can’t live in … Read more

Excuses ran dry

One more day before I shall look into the mirror Just a little more I can handle greater strain Treat me like machines I am made of steel and power The more I do today the easier is tomorrow A long time ago I got lost into the maze of reason and logic the ultimate … Read more

After years of ecstasy

Why, after years of ecstasy, I still keep on looking for an opportunity to change everything? Now I could cut the deep-grown roots let the tree drop all it’s leaves plant a seed on it’s old place forget how it was I want to spend my life learning to know your heart Feeding air to … Read more

Another crossing

Are you gonna spend all your life in the hallway Are you gonna wait all your life for your turn to come fatally continuing normally for now Are you still awaiting for a call to get chosen Would you rather be on the road that you crossed for good If you refuse to take control … Read more

Jesus in my trunk

Jesus in my trunk, he’s shouting “You got it wrong” Jesus in my trunk, he’s screaming, but I turn up the radio “Crucifiction was awful shit indeed – back in the days it could not be framed. Crucifiction was needed to impress and to harness the heads of the crowd.” Congregation is better off without … Read more

Everything is a lie

All my desires were implanted in me right from the start I was following guidelines like they were my will – official instructions for leading a life worth a damn Once I pulled out all the drapes in my head I understood that even leaders take their orders from someone they strive to keep their … Read more

Lose your place

You don’t want to lose your place You don’t want to lose your face You don’t want to slow your pace You know you’d never get back to the top There will be no such day when you have seen it all There won’t be such a time when you have been through it all … Read more

Thought of decay

In the rules of your life you will have to define how you will die As you plan for your time you can try to defy the thought of decay I understand if you need lies to keep your cool I understand if you need lies I like the idea of living on forever but … Read more

Which way

I travel on a bike along a lonesome road Everything I need, I carry in my bag The light of day will show me how much time is left I can stop whenever beauty steals my focus Which way do I want to go? Which day holds the best energy? What place suits the best … Read more

Bad old times

I spread all the photographs on the floor they look at me and tell me that there’s something I should’ve done differently I finally see the looks on your face they gradually went from total joy to numbness of self-defense and bitterness Who took your head under? Drained your oxygen? He’s still in your brain … Read more

Faces I knew

You were the poster boy You wanted to be a star You had access to all the planes that you wanted to get on You had the greatest voice You knew how to write a song but you gave in and traded your beauty to a high Faces I knew are turning to stone, and … Read more

I can’t stand this silence

Hey, let me know what’s happening in your head I can’t stand this silence Hey, if you think I’m frightening, just let me know I can’t stand this silence I’m staring at the eyes of the love I dreamt about still I see nothing but a shrouded face She won’t care about what I say … Read more

Don’t accept your fate

I think about your dirty past It’s hard to see with the naked eye, instead, I see benevolence You made your living as a thief scorned and feared by the rest but even thieves are professionals You paid a lot to learn what’s right you killed and fought but still survived and all the stains … Read more

Sinking in the past

“Now is not the time” you said and said until it struck me that you’re in a loop From above the trees I saw the pattern of erosion and the endless loop Sinking in the past I heard you knocking on the door I see you in the dark as a ghost You’re talking to … Read more