Your smile was an invitation to join your hallucination, a memory to feel when I get lonely I lied about the purpose of my trip just to get to meet you, safe from prying eyes, undercover I’m a stain in this sterile home of harmony I am the mistake that haunts you at night I’m … Read more


Someone tipped them off it must have been you No one else knew how to get inside You turned off the cams and opened the gates to tritium storage facility Now the game is on and this time it’s no drill Yeah, the wargame is on and you have made your move You led us … Read more


All the pieces in your body rot I’m just getting started as you drop I will make soup out of your guts Have the decency to call it off when the fire in my eyes gets rough make your way into the pot Fight if you can, I’m hunting all of you extinct You bring … Read more

Raided room

I’ve never been in such a pretty mess, in a labyrinth without an exit you’re a friend you are a fraud Maybe I am just a prototype You’re always looking for a way to use me tie me up, switch off the lights Take your hands off me I don’t need your illusion Your lies … Read more

Until the guilt is forgiven

I couldn’t see the reaper at your door I thought that time would patch you up Did the clock stop ticking? You always carried more than you could bear You said that help is always near, just call your brother I gotta keep running, oh, until the guilt is forgiven I gotta keep running, oh, … Read more

Mother of all bombs

When the mission has just begun my eyes glow like Hornets’ afterburners I start to tremble On the radar I see the target the enemy is just a klick away It’s time for action We fly side by side, weapons loaded we fire up the rockets and sing “Hallelujah, baby!” Let the blast speak for … Read more


Brought here in a body bag I never thought it would end like this in the middle of all excitement I cannot think and I cannot speak yet you know what I would say so shut up now and listen to the words you’d hear I’ll go my way if you let me go my … Read more

Lie down in debris

It took a long time to see that your heart was just lying to get heard I thought I was incomplete ’cause my hands could not make you feel at home no suffocation anymore you treaded fearless to a storm and as you lie down in debris you’re finally free You could’ve left silently and … Read more

The Completionist

I get visions of strange desires – one more love to complement the others I dream of living several lives one for each fantasy I hide She gives me the pills She lets me drown in her kiss She keeps me alive She makes it worth all the lies Get a hold of yourself No … Read more

Crazy talk

Your face is prettier today or do I see more than meets the eye your face is different every day I don’t care if you are really here a lucid dream will do if you’re not real I don’t know which half of you is me it must be crazy talk, crazy talk who would’ve … Read more

About to explode

I came to the forest to find peace I came here alone The pressure is rising and I think I’m about to explode I feel like I’m running out of fuel I feel all the damage and if I can’t walk it off I will relapse to your grace I gaze at a foggy mountaintop … Read more

Harder to breathe

Kids run out to play on a stormy day Ain’t swimming way more fun when it’s raining? Kids know how to turn a losing game around they say rules don’t define who is winning Darker clouds dress the sky when the army jets fly on by and just like that youth is over I’m not … Read more

Supreme abilities

Sometimes I wonder how I pull through Sometimes I wonder how can I be this cruel Sometimes I wonder who I’m fooling as all I hear is chanting I want to be a trusted neighbor I want to be a symbol of devotion I want to be a tireless saviour released of all emotions I … Read more

Dust on the shelves

Dust on the shelves Rust on the hinges Notes on the floor messages from the time that you were trying to sing my song I came back to find all of your secrets what did you hide and where did you go to rewrite your life to plan for an endless ride on your own … Read more

Solace on the run

Shout out loud until you’re empty until you’re out of words Pour down all the filthy feelings Break free from your daily schema you know it’s killing you Shake off rules and regulations Now you are a traitor of the nation you contribute to moral degradation They want to see you suffer like they do … Read more

Tied into a frame

I put on this old mask of mine I write the lines in my mind I play along, at least I try My performance is a shroud My imperfection not allowed I was taught to fight, not to cry Tied into a frame I don’t belong in Still so far away from the world I … Read more


My head is tripping like a fuckin’ tour guide My head is ringing, hollow on the inside Fill me up, yeah, Fill me up, now My power’s fading, I kick like an embryo I’m disappearing, soon I’ll have no shadow Fill me up, yeah, Fill me up, now I too would like to read my … Read more

Step outside

Right at the edge of morale there is a dangerous place an area free of critique and laws that keep me still In order to know where to stay I need to go too far – reach the peak of the flame until I feel the pain I was given so many chances too many … Read more