Breathing statues

It’s easy to be fearless if you don’t play on the streets This neighborhood was built on rotting trees and brittle concrete People are still asking why I chose to leave I couldn’t stand the ruthless flow of speech and hypotheses I don’t want to feel what I feel when losers seek to revenge and … Read more


My eyes don’t prove what I say Even if I shout, no one hears a thing This uniform has turned into a disguise Every promise I made is dying of age I don’t want to spread this neurotoxin even if it’s made inside of me I don’t want to take down anyone else Who could … Read more


All the pieces in your body rot I’m just getting started as you drop I will make soup out of your guts Have the decency to call it off when the fire in my eyes gets rough make your way into the pot Fight if you can, I’m hunting all of you extinct You bring … Read more


Brought here in a body bag I never thought it would end like this in the middle of all excitement I cannot think and I cannot speak yet you know what I would say so shut up now and listen to the words you’d hear I’ll go my way if you let me go my … Read more

Supreme abilities

Sometimes I wonder how I pull through Sometimes I wonder how can I be this cruel Sometimes I wonder who I’m fooling as all I hear is chanting I want to be a trusted neighbor I want to be a symbol of devotion I want to be a tireless saviour released of all emotions I … Read more