Borderlands 3 Epic Games exclusive release causes fans to rise against 2k Games

I know I probably shouldn’t be writing about PC games here, but as a fan and supporter of the Borderlands franchise, the recent events have given me some food for thought. On March 28th, Gearbox Software, the developer of Borderlands 3, announced the game. I watched the live stream of the launch event at PAX … Read more

Stargate Origins may breathe new life into the franchise

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” playlist=”U9xZa8LfQsg,4iADJzARx2w,bpwdTxTYOaE,TseqEgacjg4,RPtRdZAJa2A,GHPYHEsn91E,p2mAE0zW01o,gWLWlKEK4fU,gJFGUhdMndc” width=”1500″ height=”1000″ modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] Stargate Origins is a new kind of web series in the Stargate franchise. Even though the new trailer looks a bit cheap, I think that this new series should be given a chance to succeed. If fans support it, and buy the Stargate Command subscription, that will prove … Read more