Carve it out

Another day slips by as you write your memoir None of the stories are true but the lies got you this far You’ve been sweeping in a hall of stars where the portraits would mock you You’ve been studying the war of art to become a statue Carve it out make your face in the … Read more

Call me back from the other side

If only you hadn’t lost your mind If only there was a place to hide You’re lonely, and out of the blue you feel old voices cutting through You worry that you will find your mind You worry that it’s been eaten alive It’s crazy, the garden we had is gone for good, we can … Read more

Cross the line in sand

Elusive vibrations are calling Am I the only one who’s hearing the greedy whispers calling for your name? A sudden surge in my steady pulse is another reason to keep on rolling I may not ever want to get back home On ketamine high you were trying to hold my hand Cross the line in … Read more

Universal constructor

This is an instrumental song. One of the sections in our Ableton Live session was called “Universal constructor”, and that became the title of the song. A universal constructor is a machine that can replicate itself. In our vision, this universal constructor resides somewhere in space, creating replicas of itself, as well as other machines, … Read more