Unzyme – Solace on the run (lyric video)

For a long time, I’ve had this idea of having all of our songs as lyric videos on our YouTube channel. I had a very specific idea of how the lyric videos should look like, and I didn’t really know how to make such videos. But I know how to make this kind of videos, so I decided to get the ball rolling by just doing what I can. And to my surprise, I quite liked the outcome and I think I will make another one in this style quite soon, now that I have an idea of the process.
– Joona


Shout out loud until you’re empty
until you’re out of words
Pour down all the filthy feelings

Break free from your daily schema
you know it’s killing you
Shake off rules and regulations

Now you are a traitor of the nation
you contribute to moral degradation
They want to see you suffer like they do


You could always find solace on the run
Peace of mind in the open
out of reach

You could always find solace on the run
Peace of mind in the open
but this time you fear the sun will fry you up

Sneak in to a random party
pretend you’re one of them
Tell them how you know the president

Leave now while the door still opens
away from hollow days
Farewell to automatic people


Song written by Joona Nuutinen
Co-produced with Lasse Turunen
Mastered by Hannu Hattunen


Footage from Videezy.com was heavily utilized in the making of this video. Next time I will dig my own archives!


This video was done entirely in Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve – the video editor that I really like, and made it easier to move away from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Follow the biomechanical infiltration:

Unzyme – Biomechanical pop