Unzyme – Harder to breathe (lyric video)

“Harder to breathe” deals with the guilt of having passed on an extremely difficult situation to the next generation. Yet there’s the expectation for the young ones to step up and change the trajectory. It’s a heavy heritage, born out of selfishness, but which can only be fixed together.

The colors of the video are unedited, except for some added contrast. The deformed landscapes have been shaped by centuries of mining. The video is mostly shot in Norway, in abandoned mines. If you only look at the colors and forms, completely separated from the context, it’s actually rather beautiful. That’s what I often look for – visual beauty in things, separated from the moral story. In this particular video, however, the themes of the visuals do underline the message of the song.

This is the final song from Forensics (the album) to get a lyric video. After this we’ll start releasing new songs from the next album, Interference.

– Joona

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