Unzyme – Consumed (music video)

Unzyme’s long-time video collaborator Sebastian Trzaska raises the bar with his sixth music video for Unzyme. It’s no secret that we both enjoy spending time in the derelict industrial facilities of Gotham City at night, but the Old Mine Museum in Outokumpu is a great alternative whenever plane tickets to Gotham are too expensive.

“Consumed” is about the conflicting feeling of having run out of means of saving love and letting go after trying everything. It’s the storm before the calm. Fueled by frustration and anger, you take those hard steps, believing that whatever you’re going to find, will be better than the hazy ignorance you were stuck in.


So much is going on
that I can’t tell who’s lying
So much to hold on to
but I just keep on sliding

Out of the sunny fields
the sky is full of halos
Dive in the fallen leaves
I blend into the meadow

I am completely consumed
I am completely confused
I am completely consumed
I am completely confused

What more can I give?
Where’s the glow I’m seeking?
Firm floor is vanishing
I’m done with careful pleading

In search of honesty
Afraid of comfortable silence
Love is the enemy
and I have lost my patience

I am completely consumed
I am completely confused
I am completely consumed
I am completely confused

I don’t wanna see this mess again
it’s the storm before the calm
I don’t wanna waste my life in a war


Directed, shot, lit and edited by Sebastian Trzaska

Production assistance by Nattalie Hill

Video concept by Sebastian Trzaska and Joona Nuutinen

Shot at Outokumpu Old Mine Museum

Published by Unzyme Laboratories

Unzyme – Biomechanical Pop


Written by Joona Nuutinen (Unzyme)
Produced by Lasse Turunen (PihkaSound)
Arrangement by Joona Nuutinen, Lasse Turunen and Henna Helasvuo


Unzyme – Biomechanical Pop