My journey to Reeperbahn Festival 2019 – Part 1

This is the byproduct of a mild identity crisis. I did this video about my preparations for the Reeperbahn Festival, but this kind of video actually shouldn’t be interesting to the music listener.

Last year I posted similar videos to Unzyme’s YouTube channel, but then I realized that such videos are not exactly made for those who listen to the songs. In fact, fans probably don’t even want to see this side of musicianship. At least not too much of it.

Musicians with a #musicpreneur or #entrepreneur attitude should be interested in this kind of tips. Being my own demographic may not be healthy.

I’m left wondering – do I need another YouTube channel for this kind of content?

I also shot an Imagine Dragons album review, but the edit is still unfinished, as I began to question the quality of the footage. If done right, reviews or cover songs would be right at home on Unzyme’s YouTube channel, just like crazy Command & Conquer style videos from Unzyme Laboratories, but they are hard to make. Might be worth the trouble, though.

I just happen to know quite a bit about the quirks of music business, and kinda want to tell everyone about my vision of musicpreneurship.

What do you think? Too much business and not enough music? Or would it be boring to only show music related stuff?

This time I’m not sure. But I’ll post more if you’re interested.

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