Creating a lead synth sound using Ableton Live’s built-in devices and effects

Ableton’s own devices and effects are fantastic, if used cleverly. You don’t need to spend hundreds of euros on third party plugins, if you’re willing to spend some time fiddling with the effects. In this video, I show how I created a lead synth sound for a new song demo, using only Ableton’s native devices and effects, such as Wavetable, Distort, Simple Delay, EQ Eight, Reverb and Auto Filter. Very basic stuff! I’m just trying to prove a point, that you don’t necessarily need the hype synth of the month to make some really nice sounds. And often it’s better to concentrate on the big picture, rather than have one sound define the whole arrangement. Your production is like a symphony – all instruments should be a part of your grand design.

Serum and its competitors are certainly good, but Wavetable is very much on par with those. One of my favorite effects is Ableton’s phaser, which I also use a lot in this song. R√∂yksopp often uses phaser effects in their drum tracks, and that’s where I kind of stole the idea.

Follow the biomechanical infiltration:

Unzyme – Biomechanical pop