Unzyme Brand Collaboration Program

Unzyme has done lots of business with companies before, and is always looking for collaboration opportunities. From 2016 until the end of 2017 we’re releasing 11 music videos, and will do extensive campaigns on Spotify, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, in addition to promoting the releases via media mailing lists and direct media contacts and music business collaborators.


Unzyme’s primus motor, Joona, has done numerous online marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, Twitter and by email. He will conduct an online advertising campaign for each video.

Your investment will be directly used to fund the marketing campaigns of the music videos. Your company’s logos will be clearly presented in the video.

For example, we did a YouTube campaign for Step outside lyric video, which generated 17 000 video views on a rather small advertising budget of 200 €. The view count will increase linearly.

Collaborator logos in music videos on YouTube

Most of the people will view at least the first minute of the music video. To get best visibility for your company, your logo should be presented in the beginning of the video. The opening slot is our most valuable offering.

People spent over 6 100 minutes watching Unzyme videos on YouTube in 2016, and the number is increasing.

Media mailing list visibility

We will send 1000+ promotional emails per campaign to journalists, bloggers, music editors, newspapers, magazines and other media people.

Your organization will be mentioned in our press releases.

Website collaborator sections and blog post mentions

In 2016, articles on Unzyme.com were read over 12 000 times. Your logo and/or message will be displayed every time an article is read. The daily view count has been on the rise for a long time, and is currently around 60 pageviews per day. New articles on music technology, music business, as well as artist interviews, album and movie reviews are added at least three times a week. Each time new content is added, a tweet and a Facebook post will be posted – the total reach of each post is around 2000 people.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Unzyme is active on Twitter, posting at least 100 tweets per month (4 per day). Unzyme’s tweets earn 11 200 tweet impressions per month, which often lead to video impressions (in which your logos will be displayed). All promotional content will also be posted on Facebook and Instagram.


Unzyme’s upcoming album will be released in magazine format. Your logos will be included in this release as well. 1 000 copies will be made.

How much to invest?

Let’s say you want to invest 2500 €. We’ll use 50% of the money in the music video production itself, and the rest will be used to fund the marketing campaign. Your brand will be presented in an exciting context, and you will receive a professionally crafted brand awareness campaign on top of that.

According to previous campaigns, made for Unzyme and other companies, we can guarantee that by investing 2500 € you get over 100 000 video views. Half of the investment will still be used to pay for the video production. Naturally, the size of the investment can be scaled up or down – you get more exposure by investing more, and less exposure with a smaller investment.

You will get a report of the performance of the campaign – including numbers on how many times your brand has reached our audience.